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Survey - Anti-Social Behaviour

The Parish Council has received an approach from the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, who is making the issue of Anti-Social Behaviour and how to tackle it a priority for the police. He states:

"I am writing to ask for your support in launching my county wide anti-social behaviour (ASB) survey.

As you will be aware, I have made getting tough on anti-social behaviour a key priority in my Police and Crime Plan for Lancashire and I will hold the Constabulary to account for delivering improvements in policing this issue across the county.

ASB can take many forms including intimidating and aggressive groups, drug dealing in residential areas, damage, graffiti, and the anti-social use of vehicles.

What they all have in common is that they are a blight on our communities and make people feel unsafe in their homes and on the streets. Anti-social behaviour is one of the top concerns raised with Lancashire police and an issue that residents write to me about every day.

In leading the fight against crime, I want to see reductions in ASB across Lancashire and for that to happen we need to have a clear understanding of the scale and types of anti-social behaviour, to identify hotspots and to look at how the police and local partners can work better together to get tough on ASB and to keep local communities safe.

This is why I am launching a county wide survey, which has been created with support and feedback from local community safety partners and can now be accessed via my website at "

The survey does not long to complete and any information provided by residents would be gratefully received.

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