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Speeding Motorists – Beware!

Residents will recall that the Parish Council has received a number of complaints about drivers speeding along Grindleton Rd, posing particular danger to children who may be using the play area at the Village Hall. The Parish Council has been working with the County’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Pratt, to try and combat this serious problem.

On 16 March 2022, Mr Pratt held an enforcement exercise attended by a range of partners, including pupils from Bowland High School. The persons present included:

  • 4 x police staff;

  • 7 x Year 10 pupils of Bowland High School;

  • 2 x teaching staff;

  • Mr Pratt and a Media Officer; and

  • Cllr Best and the Clerk.

A picture of all those participating is shown above.

The exercise was held on Grindleton Rd in the vicinity of the Village Hall car park, and involved the schoolchildren using a “laser gun” to ascertain the speed of vehicles travelling along either direction of Grindleton Rd. Several vehicles were then asked to pull into the Village Hall car park where the drivers were spoken to by the schoolchildren. Some positive feedback (thanking drivers for adhering to the speed limit) was given, although at least one driver was admonished for failing to wear a seat belt.

The exercise was a high-profile demonstration of the commitment to reduce speeding in the area. It is hoped that, when the results of the exercise have been written up by the schoolchildren, they can be displayed on the Parish Council website for residents’ information. It is understood that moving forward the school may wish to repeat the exercise once per term.

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