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Review of signage – Bradford Bridge

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

As a result of ongoing complaints from local residents, members of West Bradford Parish Council have continued to lobby Lancashire County Council regarding the inadequacy of signage intended to deter drivers of long vehicles from seeking to cross Bradford Bridge.  Towards the end of 2019, members succeeded in securing an offer from County Cllr Keith Iddon (Portfolio Holder for Highways) to review signage on the approach roads to the bridge.

After persistent attempts to obtain details of the outcome of this review, a letter from Cllr Iddon was received on 20 February 2020.  This letter is included below for residents’ information.  The Parish Council is disappointed to learn that, in the County Council’s view, there is no alternative route for large vehicles which avoids the bridge and the signage currently in situ is considered adequate.  Needless to say, the Parish Council disagrees with this assessment and will continue to lobby the County Council as appropriate.

Bradford Bridge

Thank you for your further email dated 3 February 2020 requesting an update on the Bradford Bridge traffic problems. I last wrote to you about this on 25 November 2019, explaining that we would carry out further investigations. I am sorry for the delay in providing you with an update.

The problems caused by HGVs which cannot safely negotiate this particular bridge must be very frustrating for all concerned. Officers last carried out an in-depth assessment of this problem in 2013. At the time, despite considering a number of options, we could not identify a suitable alternative route for HGVs which would avoid this bridge completely. Our most recent assessment reached the same conclusion.

Officers also reassessed the signage in the area and we are satisfied that it is still appropriate for the location. The existing 7.5 tonne restriction is designed to restrict use as a through route by vehicles exceeding this weight. However, this does not restrict access by such vehicles to premises situated within the limit. Although we undertake the installation of weight restrictions via suitable Traffic Regulation Orders, we do not possess powers of enforcement as only the Police can exercise these powers.

I hope this helps explain our position.

Yours sincerely

County Councillor Keith Iddon

Deputy Leader of Lancashire County Council

Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport

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