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Remembrance Sunday

Important notice

This year the ceremonies for Remembrance Sunday all over the country are to be drastically scaled down in order to remain Covid-safe.

In outside spaces, such as at War Memorials, the rule of 6 applies. This means that the laying of wreathes will be a simple ceremony carried out by individuals in many ways during Sunday November 8th.

Consequently, if you wish to mark Remembrance publicly this year, you are invited to stand at your doorway to mark the 2 minutes silence at 11.00am on Remembrance Sunday and then join in an applause, rather like our clapping for the NHS, as a sign of appreciation and respect for those who gave their lives for our freedom.

There will be a service at St. Catherine’s at 10.30am where numbers are limited to 30 inside.

Rev’d Christopher Wood

Vicar of Waddington and West Bradford

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