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HARP update - investigatory work on West Bradford Rd

On 10 November 2021, the Parish Clerk received information from United Utilities relating to investigatory activity on private land off West Bradford Rd. For residents' benefit, this information is reproduced below:

As you may be aware, in June this year we submitted planning applications to Ribble Valley Borough Council for our proposed works, the Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme (HARP). As the planning applications continue to be assessed by the local planning authority we need to continue to carry out further site investigations in your area.

Our team will be carrying out surveys to collect ground information from land near to the River Ribble and West Bradford Road. These surveys involve either drilling or digging shallow trenches in the ground. As representatives of the local area we wanted to keep you informed of the work which will begin on Monday 15th November and also advise we have written to local residents as well (please find a copy of the letter attached).

We expect the work to take approximately 4 weeks to complete and whilst the work will be carried out within private land you may notice a small increase in traffic as vehicles enter and leave our working areas. Stop and go boards will also be required to safely manage traffic on West Bradford Road, near to West Bradford Bridge, for one day at the start and at the end of this work.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by reply to this email and you can also find the latest information on HARP by visiting the virtual exhibition site at

Best regards,

HARP Stakeholder Relations Team

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