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Check Your Trees For Ash Dieback Disease

The Parish Council has been asked to pass on the following information.

Lancashire County Council is urging anyone with an ash tree on their property to check its health this this summer to ensure it does not become a danger to themselves or others.

Ash Dieback is a highly destructive disease caused by a fungus which has spread throughout the UK in recent years. It can lead to infected trees shedding branches or limbs, or potentially collapsing as the tree dies.

The county council estimates that around 127,000 ash trees next to roads throughout Lancashire will need to be regularly checked to ensure they do not pose a threat to safety.

As some of these trees are on private land, the council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the issue among residents, businesses and landowners to inform them of their responsibility to make sure their trees near roads and pavements are safe.

There is no cure for the disease and it is fatal in the vast majority of cases. Contamination is beyond the point where the spread of infection can be stopped and the disease is now known to be present across 56% of the UK, including 96% of Lancashire.

The county council will be contacting tree owners over the coming months if their tree is a danger to the highway, but if you have an ash tree which could be a hazard to people or property, you should get it checked out by a qualified arborist. Now that trees are in leaf is the best time to look for signs of the disease in your ash tree/s. It's important to use a properly trained and insured person to carry out work as infected trees can be particularly dangerous.

The council's website has more information on identifying ash trees and signs of the disease, permits and licences you may need, and finding a professional to undertake any work.


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